Manna Shilajit anti-aging & immune boost 30gm


‘Highest frequency Shilajit on the planet’.



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Manna Shilajit is a complete concentrated living mineral resin from near Mount Kailash.



Sourced by hand from near Mount Kailash.

Authentic and Original Shilajit, the most potent and powerful anti-aging and immune support minerals.

Ingredients: – 100% pure Shilajit mumijo, shilajatu.

Properties & uses:
• Reduces Stress, Fatigue, and Muscle Weakness
• Increases Strength, and Endurance
• Powerful Antioxidant – Counteracts Free-Radical Activity
• Strengthens Digestion and Supports Absorption of Nutrients into the Body
• Enhances Memory
• Helps Decrease Body Fat and Increase Lean Muscle Mass
• Enhances Skin Health
• Adaptogenic Properties – Helps the Body Adapt to Stress


Manna Shilajit (Mumiyo) is purified following traditional Ayurveda method; we do not use organic solvent to purify, we use only pure water and herbal decoration.

Shilajit literally means “winner of Rocks”. It is also interpreted as the “Destroyer of Weakness and the Builder of Strength . Shilajit, the miracle of Himalayas, is found in the pristine mountains of Mount Kailash. In the summer months baking under the hot sun, the mineral pitch oozes from cracks and fissures of the rocky landscape as Shilajit.

Shilajit has been used to treat a variety of diseases in Ayurveda. In Charaka (200 BC) and Susruta Samhita (200 AD). It has been described as a panacea as well as RASAYANA (rejuvenation) which can cure all ailments and prolongs the life.

Recent studies have revealed Shilajit is naturally adorned with several medicinal properties. The natural elixir has an adaptogenic property which increases the cells ability to absorb nutrients including many important trace elements. Moreover, it is proved to be as an antioxidant which counteracts free radicals. Similarly, It has many beneficial effects in human systems and helps to maintain the homeostasis in body.

Here are some of the minerals we find in Shilajit:
* Barium
* Calcium
* Cerium
* Cobalt
* Chromium
* Copper
* Dysprosium
* Erbium
* Europium
* Holmium
* Iron
* Gallium
* Gold
* Potassium
* Lanthanum
* Lutetium
* Magnesium
* Manganese
* Sodium
* Neodymium
* Nickel
* Phosphorus
* Platinum
* Praseodymium
* Rubidium
* Samarium
* Selenium
* Silver
* Thorium
* Thallium
* Thulium
* Ytterbium
* Zinc

How do I use it?

Consume a pea sized amount daily. It can we taken with or without food. We recommend taking first thing in the morning straight or with water. 

Elixir suggestion – add a pea size amount to a glass of water, then add a natural sweetener like maple syrup or honey with some vanilla essence. Stir well in both directions and enjoy the benifits.

Pulsed with vortexes and charged in Pyramids.

Manna Shilajit comes in a 30gm violet glass jar.

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MANNA Shilajit Brochure

US5405613A Vitamin/ Mineral Composition Patent